September is pain awareness month

Hello my lovelies,

September is all about pain awareness, and it’s a topic that in recent years has become very personal to me.

Laparoscopy number 3.

I experience chronic pain, but what is it?

“Chronic or persistent pain, is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. “

The easiest way to explain it is that I’m in pain nearly all of the time and that’s quite a thing to contend with on a day to day basis and in your 20’s.

I’ve suffered with pain that I now know, was and is caused by Endometriosis, this doesn’t impact my life solely around my period but in fact 24/7…everything just gets a whole lot worse around my period. I struggled for over a decade not knowing that what I was experiencing was not only real, but abnormal.

Following my two recent surgeries in some places I have thankfully recieved a reduction in pain, in other areas it has only heighten. The added nerve damage as a consequence of surgery has lead to the simplest things becoming a whole lot more difficult.

I’ve recently undergone a whole host of blood tests, xrays and consultations. I’m awaiting results before my doctors can officially diagnose me with fibromyalgia and hypermobility and I’m praying the blood tests help indicate some reasoning for my chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

Pain is draining, pain is limiting and pain is quite often left out of conversations. Even if people dismiss what we are experiencing (and shame on them for doing so), the only way to create awareness and break down taboos is to speak openly and to share our experiences.

My pain is not something I’m embarrassed of, it’s a reminder of how much I have been through and continue to go through. It’s a reminder that I am chronically ill.

I rely alot on heat for pain relief… And when I say alot, I really should have shares in the stick on heat pack companies. Stick on heat packs are my go to when on the move or in work, they go under your clothing directly in your points of pain and for me personally, they really do help to ease the edge of the pain. I wear around 2-4 a day and they last upto 12 hours. If I’m at home, I’ll have my electric heat pad on… This is truly a great investment piece and one that I’m never a day or night without.

Plus I’m a super cold person, so heat really is my friend.

Chronic pain some how does become normal, because you’re constantly in a high state of pain your body begins to get used to it. That doesn’t make it an easier and even this week for example, I spent my lunch time crying in the car because nerve pain was excruciating.

There are very, very few days were pain has a moderate impact on my life, but most days it has a huge impact. One I’m still trying to learn how to cope with β™₯️

Endometriosis and periods impact at least half of the population and yet there’s little talk about the pain associated. Let’s break the taboo together and help raise awareness at the same time. Please share you stories with me πŸ’›

Until next time,

Natalie xox


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