“But you don’t look sick” – The Series

Hi my Angels,

A phrase I often gravitate back towards is “but you don’t look sick”, it’s a common phrase I’ve personally heard from a lot of people and guess what … it turns out I’m not alone!

For many people who have Invisible Illnesses, often find that they’re facing stigma from people not physically being able to see an illness or disability. People are often prejudged on how they look, and basically if you look fine on the outside, the general consensus is that you must be fine on the inside too. This is a huge misconception, and something I’d love to shine a light on.

I can walk, but most days I need aid to do that – or a wheel chair; that doesn’t mean that I cannot do something – but that’s often how the outside world sees it. My use of mobility aids to others is seen as a weakness, but to me its the greatest freedom I could ask for. Two very different perceptions, and personally I like mine better!

What does “sick” even look like ?

The purpose behind the series is to share a wide array of different stories around invisible illness, all of which will be written by those either suffering from an invisible illness or those closest to them. These will be normal people, who may or may not usual publicly share their journey, it will be honest, raw and real. My hope is by doing this series, I can give as many people that wish to take part a platform to share their voice and journey and in doing so we’ll all learn from one another. We’ll break down taboos and misconceptions and hopefully better inform and educate those who wish to learn or support us.

I naturally attract people that suffer from Endometriosis, but this series is open to all invisible illnesses and I hope that others realise that no two people are the same, there is no one size fits all. We could all have the same invisible illness and have completely different journeys and voices.

Most of all, I want this series to be empowering – invisible illness may be all consuming at times; but underneath it all we’re very real people with hopes and dreams just like everyone else and those that support is are true warriors too!

I’ll be kick starting the series with a two part blog, my story will be the first as its only fair I do the same as my other amazing guest writers. The second blog will be very personal, coming directly from my husband; and this will be the first time he has ever shared his version of accounts with the world ( heads up, I may have cried reading his blog!).

I’m so thankful to all those who will be taking part, I’m excited, emotional and a little scared; but we’ve got this!

Thanks for all your support,


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