BeYou: Pain relief the natural way

Following on from my diagnosis with Endometriosis, pain management became a key focus and I soon found myself buying storage units to contain all the medication I was now required to take. Each new prescription came with a three month supply of medication, so we are talking hundreds of tablets. I hated the idea of relying on medication but at this point I was so hopeful that I would finally get relief from the horrendous ovary pains, the hellish period pains and everything that came with Endometriosis. Yet after months of being on all the medication, my pain levels were not reducing.I existed on a loop of filling up hot water bottles at home and even in work – yes I was that girl!

In January 2019, five months after my diagnosis I came across a brand on instagram @beyouperiod, openly promoting period positivity and female empowerment – it was an account I just had to follow, and so I began looking into their product. I discovered what can only be described as a long, thin looking plaster like product connected entirely to period cramp. I reached out to BeYou and explained that I had Endometriosis and suffered from chronic pain, horrific periods and wondered if any other similar users had benefitted from the product. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect a response … Brands don’t often engage through DM with their audience, but BeYou did, and in doing so I went from being a statistic to being humanised as an individual with needs and concerns. BeYou knew what Endometriosis was, and that in itself was and is a huge thing for me… Endometriosis is a word that so many people are unfamiliar with, even when working in mensural wellbeing. So after a little chat with a team who really seemed to have understood my illness and everything that came with it, I eagerly awaited my delivery of my first ever pack of Period Cramp Relief Patches.

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 10.20.09

When I first received my BeYou package in the post, I didn’t know what to expect; this light weight product verses my mountain of medication, it was time to put it to the test. I applied a Period Cramp Relief Patch to my lower abdomen as per the instructions, inhaling the beautiful Eucalyptus scent and looked down and my stomach thinking “surely, there is no way this could work!”

Well, I was quickly proven wrong. Within 20 minutes a delicate tingling sensation had covered the whole area of application, the area felt cool, relaxed and by some huge miracle decreased the pain I was experiencing. Maybe it was a fluke I thought, but as my highest pain days descended and I worked through my pack of five patches, each time that tingling sensation hit my pains reduced dramatically. This was the point that the incredible BeYou Patches became a key part in my pain management routine for of Endometriosis and other chronic illnesses. It was goodbye to the medication that could not come close to that level of pain relief (pain relief that continues for 12 hours might I add). And if you don’t believe me, feel free to check out Cosmopolitans review on the patches or the hundreds of women who have used and benefited from them reflected in their reviews. The patches are my go to for when my period is due and when my pain becomes unbearable, especially for days where you have to keep on going, chronically ill or not!

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Images all taken from BeYou website.

BeYou didn’t stop there though and last year launched their first CBD range; consisting of CBD Muscle Balm, CBD Oral Drops and CBD Oral Spray. CDB was something I had tried previously, having read up on the countless benefits and links to aiding those with chronic pain, however, most products previously came with a disgusting taste and a hefty price tag associated. Nevertheless, I had learned my lesson on prejudging products from BeYou and I made my first order for CBD Muscle Balm and oral spray. The balm was and still is, like nothing I have ever used before, and can be applied to any area of exterior pain – and it’s soothing, like so soothing. Again a product that on the surface looked so normal, was able to provide pain relief in a way I hadn’t experienced before. A little is all that is needed, and my little pot of joy has been going strong for quite some time, given that I’ve used it on countless areas of my body to aid also with Fibromyalgia pain. My CBD oral spray came in a choice of flavours, I chose Berry in the higher of two strengths available, and applied underneath my tongue as advised. I distinctly remember waiting for that strong CBD taste to hit … but the natural flavouring really helps to conceal the typical tase you may expect. I’ve found these products to be great to travel with or take to work, I keep them in a little bag inside my handbag at all times. There is no harsh CBD smell with either of the products so they are super easy to use on the go, effective and very discrete.

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 10.13.10

It seems in the past year, every time I’ve needed a specific product BeYou has been a step ahead of me, busily curating it behind the scenes. Personally, sleep is a huge problem for me; I find it so difficult to get asleep and then stay asleep. In recent years I’ve become a huge fan of lavender essential oil, and the calming properties it holds. For a while I had used a mist diffuser blasting an aroma of lavender essential oils across my bedroom each night, the problem being the noise would keep me awake, I tried putting lavender oil directly on my pillow but the smell was a little overwhelming up so close, I tried some sprays in small bottles at large prices that would run out two weeks after purchase. As the sleepless nights kicked in BeYou simultaneously launched a product with a calming and soothing aroma the Sleep Pillow Mist. The Sleep Pillow mist sits in my bedside drawer, and I’ll admit it is not something I always remember to spray on my duvet and pillow each night; but the instant I find myself struggling to get to sleep, you can gaurantee it is the first thing I reach for. A beautiful mixed blend of essential oils that is not overpowering, but so distressing and relaxing; after a few deep breaths my mind begins to unwind and soon enough I’m so thankfully asleep. When my pain is at its highest I use a combination of all the products mentioned to ensure the BeYou magic can work at absolute capacity and give my body the ability to fully relax, rest and recover from the day encountered.

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 10.14.15

Pain management and sleep go hand in hand, if I have a bad nights sleep my pain heightens. I’m yet to find any brand that offers products like BeYou, natural, affordable and most importantly that actually work; so, it’s only fair to share that news with others. As a woman in her twenties suffering from chronic pain, I really struggled to find anything previously capable of reducing pain to a manageable level; now I have my go to essential products that if incorporated correctly, provide pain relief the natural way on my hardest days.

It believe BeYou products really do contain some kind of magic, because they have worked so effectively for me to help take the edge off my worst pains. I can only hope they aid you just as much!

I hope you’re all keeping safe,

Scouse Spoonie xox

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