Happy New Year!

All of a sudden we’re back in the roaring 20’s, a new year, a new decade and a fresh new chapter in life.

No new year, new me to be found here. New year and a time for a fresh outlook on life, my life. Time to take count of the past years lessons, struggles and achievements and move on.

And what a way to do so than jetting away from home in the early hours of new years day. A fresh location for time to reflect but more importantly look to the future.

In a years time I’ll be knocking on the door of turning 30, so this year feels like a pretty pivotal time to tie up any loose ends and tick many things off my ‘before I’m 30 list’.

In the last decade I enrolled in two universities, left one, graduated from the other, lived in six different locations, met the man of my dreams, got engaged, got married, had numerous promotions and bought our house. I lost friends, I lost dreams, I lost my mum, I lost my health, I lost my self of being. I travelled the world, I made memories, I danced in the rain, I had three surgeries, I had three diagnosis, I spent more time with doctors than friends most years. I stopped drinking, I went vegan, I went gluten free, I got abs, I lost abs. I achieved a lot and I experienced some of the most difficult times to date.

I’ve entered 2020 knowing that the next decade is not going to be plain sailing, that there will be more difficult times ahead but there will also be some of the best days of my life waiting for me to play them out.

I’m excited for my future and so filled with hope. I have so many dreams I want to fulfil.

This year is about putting myself first and prioritising my health both mentally and physically. It’s about early nights, hot baths, self learning, education, growth, personal development and truly, truly loving myself from the inside out.

One of my biggest goals of this year is to stay surgery free, unless absolutely necessary. Two surgeries in six months spread across 2018 & 2019 is enough for my body.

Healing takes time and is a journey, I’m still on mine.

Wishing you all the health and happiness for 2020 xox


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